Secretary Message

Secretary Message

IESA Tamil Nadu Chapter

Dear Friends,

Opportunities to contribute to the industry one belongs to, seldom come calling. IESA has provided this to me personally and to every proud member of the Chennai Chapter.

To recognise the vital contribution “Conferences, Exhibitions & Events Services Providers" bring to the larger economy is rarely noticed, much less recognised. With an established, focused and functional chapter in play at Chennai, we welcome all Non-Members in the industry, to embrace the IESA fraternity.

Our Chapter is designed to meet the unique demands of Chennai and Tamil Nadu as a whole, yet with a Nation-wide presence to maximise our opportunity for greater growth with a unified approach to issues that affect one and all.

Most often, "Asking the right questions” is the first instrument to creating positive changes. A forum to channel the same and to help contribute to forming a better question, to seek answers, to help define the right answers, all contribute to change and growth. With planned training programmes, presentations and standard-raising contributions, we hope to use the collective experiences of members and other professionals to help further the industry.

We recognise the need for holistic growth, for the industry as a whole. To that end, our focus will also extend across all our partners and the qualitative improvements that can be made to the relationships, to help foster a better environment that goes beyond the Service Providers group itself.

I look forward to working with each and every one of you, current and future members. No previous trails exist, our path will be new, your support and participation is vital. My abilities as Secretary, will be reflective of your contributions and participation only, how full a vessel I am or become, is entirely in your hands. IESA Chennai is us !

S. John Prabhu